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Leadership coaching - first 100 days

Strong leadership: Welcome to your leadership expedition!


Congratulations on your new management role! The first 100 days in a new position are crucial and can be a challenge. To ensure that this transition goes smoothly and that you master your leadership tasks with flying colors, we offer you the support of experienced coaches at Melanova Coaching. Our core competencies: 1. analysis of specific management tasks: - Together with your coach, you analyze the specific requirements of your leadership position. - We identify strengths, weaknesses and potential in order to set targeted development goals. 2. introduction to leadership tasks: - We teach tried-and-tested techniques and strategies to optimally prepare you for your leadership tasks. - From effective communication to conflict resolution - we strengthen your leadership skills. 3. mentoring to develop a real leadership personality: - Experience individualized mentoring to strengthen and develop your leadership identity. - Our experienced mentors share their practical experience to guide you on your path to becoming an authentic leader. Our long-term goal: Our focus is not just on overcoming short-term challenges, but on developing your leadership skills in a sustainable way. Long-term success requires a solid foundation, and this is where we come in.  Why Melanova Coaching: 1. experienced coaches: - Our coaches have many years of experience in leadership development. - Individual support, tailored to your needs. 2. mastering challenges together: - In an atmosphere of partnership, we accompany you in mastering the challenges of leadership. - We support you in developing your own leadership identity. Ready for success: Let's embark on a journey together to unleash your leadership potential and create a foundation for lasting success. At Melanova Coaching, we are ready to accompany you on this journey. Costs (prices excl. VAT): Coaching light*: CHF 2,280 - 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (CHF 190 per session) Coaching medium*: CHF 3,240 - 18 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (CHF 180 per session) Coaching strong*: CHF 4,080 - 24 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each (CHF 170 per session) Book a free 30-minute initial consultation to clarify your concerns online now. *Coaching sessions are offered in Lucerne, Bonn and online.

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